A downloadable game for Windows

This is an entry for the 2017 A Game By Its Cover jam, where devs pick from a series of mockup designs for Famicom games and create their own project. There were a lot of good choices but here's the one I went with:

The project is pretty much explained by the screenshot and cover - you control three versions of the main character, make your way past obstacles and look for the  goal.


Left/Right arrow keys to move

Up arrow to jump, Down arrow to duck

Space to restart a level, Escape to quit from a level

Enter to choose a level (main menu) or advance to the next one (only after beating the current stage)

8/9/0 to reduce/increase/fullscreen the resolution respectively [ build only]


coverJam2018- [improved controls] 2 MB
coverJam2017- [jam build] 2 MB


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This is a pretty cool idea, and the graphics are great! However...I'm not sure how playable it is, actually. Just that level with the platforms over the spikes, it's really difficult! How about something like... in one 'world' there are spikes, in the other you just jump for no reasons...There have been games that have done this concept and done it well, so maybe if you work on it it'll become something really cool. Because honestly as it is, I just can't get very far...

this idea is so freaking cool!!! love the 3 different graphical styles too, they're very distinct. huge props for having such a creative concept