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This is an entry for the 2017 A Game By Its Cover jam, where devs pick from a series of mockup designs for Famicom games and create their own project. There were a lot of good choices but here's the one I went with:

The project is pretty much explained by the screenshot and cover - you control three versions of the main character, make your way past obstacles and look for the  goal.


Left/Right arrow keys to move

Up arrow to jump, Down arrow to duck

Space to restart a level, Escape to quit from a level

Enter to choose a level (main menu) or advance to the next one (only after beating the current stage)

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Published 11 days ago
StatusIn development
Tagsgameboy, NES, snes


coverJam2017-Default- (2 MB)


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this idea is so freaking cool!!! love the 3 different graphical styles too, they're very distinct. huge props for having such a creative concept