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Make your way from the very bottom of the room to the goal above before time (or your life count) runs out. To forge a clear path, you'll need to destroy some blocks to light the way - or use the flashlight to see ahead, and burn through your limited time even faster. If blocks are falling down towards you, navigate around them - destroy them from the side, or destroy them from above.

The player can choose how the blocks function - with Sticky rules, blocks of the same colour will clump together, making them easier to navigate around. With Non-Sticky rules, blocks will fall down until they hit an obstacle regardless of colour, making them that much harder to work around. Use your side-drilling tool, and don't forget you can always drill downwards to light up blocks around you.

CONTROLS (Keyboard only):

Arrow keys - player movement, destroy blocks on contact

Spacebar+Arrow keys - destroy blocks adjacent to the player

W key - flashlight on/off (drains more time)

Escape key - pause the game


Created for the "My First Game Jam Summer 2018" expo.


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Wow, it has a lot of detail to it! The art style is good and the gameplay is fun. It would be amazing to see this developed further