A downloadable game for Windows

The current level selection is balanced for difficulty with a half-dozen extra levels down the road in mind. The latest version of the demo is labelled "hauntbreak01-agdgdemoday-GMS2.zip"


You take psychic damage from being easily heartbroken by everyone around you. A ghost stalker is tethered to your body, who also causes psychic damage. You can manipulate this ghost's movement and make it attack other people to farm Likes. Complete the level objective before time runs out.

CONTROLS [mouse only]

Left-click:  click where you want the player character to go. You can tap for a burst of movement, or hold the button down and drag the mouse around and the player character will try to follow it.


  • Collect the bonus powerup icons marked with a "?" - they'll make your game a little more challenging, but you'll get more Likes while they last
  • There are hidden bonus pickups on the ground that you have to walk over to uncover
  • The alcohol icons will permanently boost the amount of Likes you earn, as well as permanently muddle your controls. If you hit your limit, it's an instant game over - but you won't find out how much the alcohol icon on the ground has until after you've picked it up


hauntbreak01-GMS2.zip 17 MB
hauntbreak01-agdgdemoday-GMS2.zip 17 MB

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